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About Us

  Switches Include...    

Sigma Switches Plus, Inc. manufactures and distributes a wide variety of switches, many with self cleaning contacts, for the automotive, appliance, marine, and computer & electronics industries since 1983.

We are also capable of supplying custom wire harnesses, stamped metal parts, injection molded parts, and complete assemblies made to your specifications.

Also see our sister company for specialty low-voltage RV products! www.destinprod.com


- Rocker Switches
- Push Button Switches
- Toggle Switches
- Illuminated Switches
- Miniature Switches
- Indicator Lights
- Double Pole Switches


We would like to thank you for considering us as your switch supplier.

Mission Statement

Our Goals   We accomplish these goals by:

Sigma Switches’ mission has remained the same since it’s inception. We will provide the highest quality products and best customer service in our industry.


- Stocking product for usage fluctuations.
- Working closely with our customers and fulfilling special needs.
- Continually improving, testing and updating our products.


  What We Do   Quality

Sigma Switches Plus, Inc. was founded in April 1983.

The company's purpose is the development of proprietary switch products offered to various industries such as appliance, lawn and garden, medical, scientific equipment and recreational vehicle industries.

Many of Sigma Switches' switches have a patented wiping action. These switches wipe the contacts clean with each actuation to help prevent matter build up. This feature is ideal for harsh environments with dust and debris, low voltage applications and low actuation applications. 


Sigma Switches' mission is to supply the highest quality switches with the best customer support available.

- Stock most of the popular circuits
- Stock unique items with a blanket order contract
- Supply custom wire harness made to your specifications
- Can produce most circuits and special color needs
- Can print any nomenclature from stock items
- Supply complete assemblies made to your specifications


We have earned various on-time and zero defect awards from our customers due to our high quality switches and high customer service standards.

We trust you will find our products satisfactory for your switching needs and look forward to earning your business.

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